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About Us

Online studies are designed for students whose responsibilities and committments or circumstances make it difficult or impossible for them to enroll in an on site educational program.  ASL Educational Consultants and Associates Ltd. aim to meet the needs of our students. We will assist students who are struggling to exceed their academic expectations. We are available to students at all levels with expert tutorials and professional advice.


ASL Educational Consultants and Online Learning Bahamas have come together to provide professional tutorial services and taught programmes online and at our clients' homes. We aim to meet the needs of all students pursuing secondary and tertiary studies in the Caribbean and worldwide.

Our Philosophy

We believe everyone can learn and experience academic success. We undertake to provide the support, help and guidance that will help your child to achieve his/her best academic performance.

Our overall goal is to give our students the academic support that would enable them to develop the essential skills necessary for academic success across the curriculum and in the future. We have sought the best teachers across disciplines and have selected and brought together a dream team of professional, experienced and successful educators. This means that we can provide all your tutorial needs in most subject areas.

Our first step is getting to know our clients’ strengths, weaknesses, goals and future plans. This information will inform how we present lessons, individual tutorials and how we advise our clients.

Our second step is to ensure that each student develops important skills in reading, writing, computing and in processing information. These are critical skills which underpin success in all academic endeavours. Our principal method is to use the content in each discipline to teach these skills.

Finally, we have prepared an attractive suite of services which we believe will address the needs of busy professional parents and their children and ambitious adult learners. We will provide these services at a competitive cost.

Please explore our website and contact us if you have questions; we will be happy to answer your questions!

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