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Our Services

  • Online individual lessons 

  • Online group lessons

  • Online mini-lessons 30 minutes

  • Upload assignments for our homework checking services in all subject areas

  • Essay writing and proof-reading help

  • Secure and confidential help-all conducted through our website.

  • We liaise with school teachers for better results

  • Assistance with research papers.

  • Consultations with parents to determine students’ needs


Why use our service?

  • ASL Educational Consultants and Associates Ltd. is a company made up of a cadre of well qualified, experienced, skillful and flexible teachers who have graduated from top universities around the world.

  • Our teachers care and it shows.

  • We go the extra mile by consulting a team of professional educators to solve the issues which may be stopping your child from achieving his or her potential.

  • We deliberately set out to ensure your child gains confidence in their abilities and succeed. We do this by getting to know your child and finding the expert tutor who is the best fit for your child.

  • We are advocates for your child; we solve academic problems; and we help students to succeed.

  • We keep you informed with monthly reporting of students’ achievement

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